The EasyIDD - Management - Tool
Europa-wide one of a kind and revolutionary

Thousands of partners already use this tool to easily manage the attainment of the required IDD hours for their employees. The EasyIDD – Management – Tool was specifically developed for people in charge and their individual needs in order to conduct the IDD Education in an easy to understand and professional manner. Direct not just manage.

No more effort for the people in charge
- With automated IDD-hour-alarms, which the Tool triggers to remind employees to catch up on missing IDD hours.
- By a simple button press an annual summary will be generated for you and any authority if needed.

As person in charge you direct the IDD Education and are able to see the cornerstones at a glance at any time.
+ Goal attainment of IDD hours summarized
+ Goal attainment in relation to the number of employees
+ Processing of already completed hours
+ Form of education
+ subject of education
+ During which days of the week the IDD Education is used
+ During what time of the day the IDD Education is used
+ Goal attainment of any individual employee